Preventing Leaks While Squatting

Prefer a video?  Watch my short overview on what the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist told me to try to prevent bladder leaks while doing squats.

We’re on week three of my pelvic floor therapy sessions and one thing I learned today is that we shouldn’t go the bathroom “just in case.” Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s just how we were trained.  Think back as far as you can and you were probably told to try “just in case.”  Heck, you probably tell your kids that now! Who knew?!?

Today we focused on the different movements that make me leak outside of jumping.  I have a tendency to leak when I’m doing heavy front squats and any type of heavy jerk.  What I realized today is that when I’m doing a front squat and am in the bottom position, I am bearing down, making the pelvic floor do the opposite of what it’s supposed to be doing!

So this week, when I am doing my front squats, I will be doing reps at a lower weight and when I am in the bottom position, I am going to do a Kegel and breathe out as I stand up versus holding my breath, while still holding the Kegel.  Initially, the plan was for me to do a Kegel when I start the squat, but it was too hard for me to hold, so I’m taking a baby step and just starting the Kegel in the bottom position.  For me, it just doesn’t seem natural to breathe out while holding a Kegel, so this should be interesting! 

The other thing I am going to work on this week is engaging my pelvic floor before I do the lifts.  For example, if I have jerks, I am going to do some bounces in my warm-up, while doing a Kegel and holding it.  Activating the pelvic floor, just like we get any other muscle group warmed-up is essential.

Wish me luck!

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