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You're not alone.


Designed by a CrossFitter who was sick of missing PRs because she was pee-ing!

Moxies started out as a crazy idea... there had to be a better solution than what was on the market.  Underwear lines aren't flattering, liners quickly twist (ouch!), inserts are uncomfortable and fall out on the first squat, and the wad of toilet paper just doesn't cut it.  

Three years later... We're excited to bring you Moxies!  Now go get your PR!

"Double Unders" have finally met their match!

"Double Unders" are essentially jumping rope and having the rope pass under your feet twice.  They're also synonymous with peeing yourself!  Moxies will hold up to 8 teaspoons of urine, so yes, you may have to still stop and use the bathroom, but at least now it's a little secret between you and your bladder.