About Us - Moxie Leak-Proof Fitness Apparel

Holly Mosack, CEO, Moxie Fitness Apparel

My background...

I've been working-out in some form since I was about 9-years-old, first playing sports (and just being a kid), to then being in the Army (yay! Moxie Fitness apparel is made in the USA!), to now owning a CrossFit gym with my husband and being a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

It seems like going to the bathroom has been a recurring theme of funny (or embarrassing, depending on how you look at it) stories for me.  In the Army, I remember buying some contraption that would allow me to "pee standing up." 

I bought this before I went to a male-dominated survival school, attempting to fit in -- ha!  Yeah, first time I tried it, I missed the mark and end up peeing all over my uniform pants down at my ankles.  (I still remember having to hang them over the shared fire to dry them out.)

When I leak...

My experiences working out have been similar.  I always leaked a little, but didn't really know what "stress-induced incontinence" was or how wide-spread of an issue it is until I started doing CrossFit. 

Every time I'd jump rope (double unders), I'd get so frustrated because I'd have to run to the bathroom.  Of course, by that point, i had pee all over my shorts.  It happens to 1 of every 3 women.  Yep, when we're running, jumping, lifting weights, sneezing.  You're not alone!

I've really tried...

I tried a lot of different solutions.  I didn't want to have surgery (although I've looked into it and even had "testing done" to see if I would be a candidate).  I know I have to "strengthen my pelvic floor," so I tried pelvic floor therapy. (See the Blog page to watch my own experience.)

But in the meantime, I need a little help catching those leaks so I don't pee all over our gym's floor!  I found that pads wouldn't stay put (and once they twist, that adhesive... ouch), inserts weren't comfortable, a little embarrassing to buy, expensive, and I don't think they're really made for squats because they just start coming out.  So I'd rely on wadding up toilet paper, which just created another mess.  

My a-ha moment...

I thought, why can't there be a liner built in to that would "catch the leak" but also could be washable?  At first, the guys at the gym thought I was kidding.  The women, of course, LOVED the idea!  It wasn't long though until everyone at the gym was rooting me on and really understanding that leaking is pretty darn normal for these amazing women that I get to be surrounded by everyday.

It's been a long journey of testing, learning about the fabric and apparel industry, but it's been fun!  So that's my long story...  Thanks for reading it -- I'm doing a little pee-pee dance now!


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